Our software takes a pragmatic approach to Due Diligence with a checklist and Q&A approach.

Easy to use

Developed with easy workflows and intuitive design we make it a breeze to get started.


Enable 512-bit encryption with a custom passphrase to secure all your data.

What we do

A practical Due Diligence tool

The purpose of is to provide an easy to use tool to manage your Due Diligence Process.

We have structured our software around a simple “Questions and Answers” approach where the Questioners can ask Respondents to provide the necessary answers, and if needed together with the required supporting documentation.

An unlimited number of users can work together on a single case.

Out of the box ready


Multi user support

Built as a tool for collaboration, it is easy to create multiple user profiles working together on the same case. Easily invite both sides of the party.

Ask questions, get answers

In its essence, Due Diligence is focused on getting answers to questions. That is why we have a Q&A centric approach. You and your team ask the questions. Your counterpart answers them. If need be, you can create follow-up questions.

512-bit encryption

For maximum security, you can enable 512-bit encryption. Set a passphrase and all case data gets encrypted on a database level. Only users with the passphrase will be able to access the data. Noone at will be able to access your information in an unencrypted way.

Easy dashboard overview

Get a quick overview of each case you are working on with our intuitive dashboard. See how many questions are already answered, pending and much more.

Work on multiple cases

If you work on several due diligence projects you can easily create or join new cases, using the same user profile.

Fair pricing

Our software is free to use for small organisations up to 10 users. If you assign more than 10 users to a case the price is 5 USD per month per extra user.

Any Questions ?

Frequently Asked Questions

We adhere to high-security standards, but if you wish for additional data protection you can enable 512-bit encryption with your own secret passphrase. That way only you and the people you share the passphrase with can decrypt and see the encrypted data.

Yes. You can at any time delete the data you have entered into the system.

Absolutely. You can export your due diligence material (questions and answers) to PDF, Word, CSV or Excel together with the revisions log.

You can assign as many people to a case as you wish. The first 5 users are free. After that, you pay 5 USD/mth per extra assigned user.

Yes. Every time someone creates or answers a question it gets reflected in the revision log. If someone changes an answer, this too gets reflected in the revision logs. That way you can easily track changes to see what has been changed, by who and when.


Who we are is developed by Pulz Solutions DMCC. We are a company owned by Magnus KjĂžller a Danish investor. was originally created as an internal tool to ease the Due Diligence processes but due to many requests, it was in 2022 made available for other parties to use as well.